4ft FitCord Resistance Bands

Product Description:

FitCords are made from the highest quality latex tubing. They can be attached to a door anchor or used independently. The FitCords offer multiple uses. They can be used to strengthen several different muscle groups arms, shoulders, back and legs. They also offer Safety Sleeve Technology™ to not only protect the latex tubing but also the user in the event the latex tubing were to break, by keeping the tubing inside the sleeve.
4’ Cords stretch to 16’ Max stretch.
Other Brand 4’ Sleeved Cords on the market only have a 12’ Max Stretch.

Resistance Level Chart - FitCords are Color Coded 

  • Ultra Light Resistance: 3 Pounds (Yellow)
  • Very Light Resistance: 7 Pounds (Orange)
  • Light Resistance: 12 Pounds (Green)
  • Medium Resistance: 18 Pounds (Red)
  • Heavy Resistance: 25 Pounds (Blue)
  • Very Heavy Resistance: 40 Pounds (Black)
  • Ultra Heavy Resistance: 55 Pounds (Purple)