Dual Man Overspeed Chaser


Great for Team Sprint Workouts!

Two players work together. The lead player sprints stretching the Lightning Cord™ creating resistance. As the lead player gets about 15 yards ahead, the trail player goes from a slow jog to a full sprint toward the lead player. The stretched cord pulls the trail player faster than their normal sprint speed. The Overspeed Training increases stride length and a faster rate of motion. The 15' Lightning Cord™ incorporates Safety Sleeve Technology "SST" and stretches up to 60'.


  • Acceleration
  • Longer Stride Length
  • Fast Twitch Muscle Memory 


  • 2 - Adjustable Basic or Adjustable Padded Waist Belts  
  • 1 - 15' Lightning Cord w/ Safety Sleeve Technology 

(Take into account the athlete’s age, ability and weight when ordering)

Athlete's Body Weight Youth Intermediate Advanced Under 110 lbs. Medium Medium Heavy 110 to 160 lbs. Heavy Heavy Ultra Heavy Over 160 lbs. Heavy Heavy Ultra Heavy

(Ultra Heavy recommended for Advanced Athletes over 150 lbs)