Lightning Speed Cords


Lightning Cords have a 4' to 1' stretch ratio.


Most other cords on the market have a 3' to 1' stretch ratio.


The SPEEDSTER Lightning Cords are manufactured from the highest quality latex tubing available. We were the first to use safety sleeves on our speed cords. Our Lightning Cords have utilized Safety Sleeve Technology “SST” for over 15 years. “SST” incorporates a safety sleeve made from a very durable polypropylene material increasing the life of the product. The Safety Sleeve Technology “SST” not only protects the latex tubing from UV exposure, cuts and nics it also protects the user if the latex tubing were to break by keeping the tube inside the sleeve. The latex tubing inside the sleeve is manufactured to the unique specifications engineered by Worldwide Fitness Products. Most of Worldwide’s Overspeed Cords allow for a longer stretch than most other imitation speed cords on the market. Our Lightning Cords have a stretch length of 4' of safety sleeve for every 1' of bungie cord. Most other speed cords on the market only offer a 3' to 1' stretch ratio. If you want the most for your money then there is no other choice, Speedster Lightning Cords are the best choice!

Warning: Lightning Cords are designed as Overspeed Cords to assist the runner by pulling them faster than their natural speed. If an athlete uses a Lightning Cord as a pure Resistance Cord, (not recommend) i.e. running away from the anchor point over stretching the cord and exhausting the safety sleeve could cause severe damage to the product as well as possible injury to the user. To prevent any product damage or injury the user should mark a stopping point with a cone a safe distance away from the anchor point that would not allow the Safety Sleeve to become fully exhausted. Note: Any damage occurring to the product from resistance running and over exhausting the safety sleeve voids all warranties.


  • Fast Twitch Muscle Memory
  • Longer Strides
  • Faster Overall Speed

(Take into account the athlete’s age, ability and weight when ordering)

Athlete's Body Weight Youth Intermediate Advanced Under 110 lbs. Medium Medium Heavy 110 to 160 lbs. Heavy Heavy Ultra Heavy Over 160 lbs. Heavy Heavy Ultra Heavy

(Ultra Heavy recommended for Advanced Athletes over 150 lbs)

All Lightning Cords have a carabineer on each end to anchor the cord.