Worldwide Fitness Products offers 4 different styles of resistance exercise bands. Each style comes in 7 different resistance levels and are offered in discounted bundles, Home Gyms and Facility Packs as well. 

Choose from the following band styles

FitCord Resistance Bands- A 4ft covered resistance band with padded handles sewn in for General Exercise Workouts. Typically used for Travel, Gym Classes and at home gyms for those who want to increase mobility, stay fit, tone their body or lose weight. 

Body Sculpting Bands- A 4ft covered resistance band with heavy duty clips on each end. Great for stacking and controlling the amount of resistance used when working out and are great for building muscles or changing workout styles often. We offer 4 different handle/cuff styles for these bands. This is our most versatile style of band. 

X-Over Bands- This is a set of 2 covered resistance bands with a handle on one end and a clip on the other end of each band. This unique resistance band is designed to be crossed over to make an X and is best used for upper body workouts and strengthening arms, shoulders and back muscles. Most commonly used for Rotator cuff/Shoulder pain relief, rehab and strengthening, but has many other uses. 

Perfect Therapy Bands- This band has 22" of covered resistance band with a large 12" loop on each end. This band is uniquely designed for rehabilitation and can replace the rubber ribbon used in Physical Therapy with a safer, longer lasting, Latex Allergy Safe Option. The loops allow the band to be it's own anchor and is safe for someone with a weak grip. Because these bands can be sanitized, Many Physical Therapists use this for their therapy sessions.