QB Drop Trainer™


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Youth High School Collegiate/Pro

QB Drop Trainer™


Pick Your Level:

Youth High School Collegiate/Pro
Product description

Athletic Trainers use this product at home, so can you. Your son or daughter could be training at home with mom or dad safety. Speed, Agility and Jump Training Gear for home. Athletic Trainers Top Pick


Quarterback Training system for football and rugby agility and form

Drop deeper quicker with the Speedster QB Drop Trainer!!!

The QB Drop Trainer develops a QB's drop speed and efficiency by creating faster and quicker feet and a longer drop stride creating more time to start his reads.

The workout is done in two phases:

  • 1st Phase RESISTANCE: 
    • The QB will drop away from the Rocket Bungee anchor point stretching the bungee creating resistance. This develops the QB's leg push strength.
  • 2nd Phase OVERSPEED:
    • The QB stretches the Rocket Bungee where there is resistance pulling the QB as he does his drops between the colored cones.


The QB Drop Trainer comes with:

  • 1 - Adjustable Padded Waist Belt
  • 1 - 8' Rocket Bungee
  • 1 - Large Anchor Strap
  • 8 - Colored Cones
  • 1 - FREE QB Towel 


The Padded Waist Belt will rotate 360 degrees around the athlete's torso as the QB rotates his body.

The 8' Rocket Bungee stretches out to 32' of max stretched length.

The Large Anchor can be held by a coach or partner and can also be attached to a fence or post.

The QB Drop Trainer can also be used for Sprint Out Pass Action, Sprint Option Action or QB Draw Action


Rocket Bungee's are available in 3 levels of resistance: 

Youth (Medium), High School (Heavy) or Collegiate/Pro (Ultra Heavy)

Recommended Resistance Levels

American Made Resistance Bands with safety sleeve. For Training, fitness and exercise in sports