Speed and agility training belt. Adjustable 52
Speedster Athletics Basic Waist Belts™ - 2 Pack $24.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick We call this our "Basic Belt" but don't let the name fool you. There are so many different ways to use this belt, we can even list them. With the Sweat-resistant sturdy webbing, it is made with, an adjustable clip to fit any athlete, and with the floating ring, you can use this 1 product on any athlete, in any sport for just about any training drill.  This is a set of 2 belts with bundle discount. The Basic Waist Belt is a very economical Waist Belt for use in several types of training. It is made from 2” wide flexible but strong webbing. The belt is adjusted by adjusting the webbing through a double D-Ring. The double D- Ring offers a much safer connection method than other competitors’ belts that use a large plastic snap which can come un-lodged if a sudden jerking action is made against the belt. Can be used in just about any On-Field, On-Ice, or Inside Facility Training Exercise.  Washable- You can wash this belt in cold water to avoid cross-contamination and that terrible old sweat smell. (drip-dry only).Bungee is sold separately.
Professional athlete trainer for overspeed to increase an athtletes speed and build leg muscles. Great for football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, and track
Speedster Athletics Speedster Rocket Overspeed Trainer™ from $107.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick INCLUDES: 1 - 30ft Rocket Bungee (Max Stretch: 40 yards) 1 - Harness or Belt 1 - Anchor Strap   Attach the 30' Rocket Bungee™ to your adjustable Harness or Waist Belt. You are now ready to develop a faster leg repetition and a longer stride. The use of the Rocket Bungee™ trains the muscles to move at a greater rate of motion. Each time this training is repeated, your muscles remember the faster movements, which create a natural faster leg movement and a longer stride.The 30' Rocket Bungee™ allows up to 40 yards of Max Stretch!  
Speedster Leap Frog™
Speedster Athletics Speedster Leap Frog™ from $45.00
Safe American Made Products at Factory Direct Pricing INCLUDES: 1 - 4ft Rocket Bungee (16ft Max Stretch) 2 - Waist Belts (Padded or Basic Nylon) The Leap Frog is ideal for sport-specific plyometric and agility training as well as short burst Overspeed training. It's also perfect for shuttle and cone drills. Made in the USA.DEVELOPS: Acceleration Lateral Explosion Agility Change of Direction
American Made Resistance training for soccer players. Improve kicking power and accuracy by attaching the ankle cuff to our Rocket Bungee during kicking practice to train athletes for speed and accuracy, which will also increase power. Using bungee for resistance will increase your athletes performance once the bungee is removed.
Speedster Athletics Power Kicker™ from $43.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick Add Distance to your Kicks! The Power Kicker is a very effective tool for developing kicking velocity and power. The Power Kicker is available in 6 different resistance levels making it a great tool to use in rehabilitation. The Power Kicker has a slightly larger Ankle Cuff than the Power Pitcher. Parents can work with their child to increase the power and form of their kick. Use this system in your backyard, park, or on the local Soccer field. Work with your athlete at home to increase their skills, confidence, and position in the team.    DEVELOPS: Super Kicking Power! Great for Rehabilitation   INCLUDES: Adjustable Wrist Cuff 4ft Lightning Cord Bungee with Safety Sleeve Technology™ Anchor Strap
Athletic explosive power training for resistance strength and speed training. No matter the sport, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, lacrosse, tennis or rugby, strength and speed training is essential. This American Made Training Strap is designed to increase leg strength and speed while improving burst take off recovery and acceleration from a standing position.
Speedster Athletics Tough Tow Power Trainer with Handle™ from $15.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick Powerful Sprint Strength The Tough Tow Power Trainer attaches to either a Harness or the Waist Belt. The player sprints full speed as their partner creates resistance, developing a powerful sprint stride. The Tough Tow Power Trainer is great for short explosive sprints where a partner supplies the level of resistance. Can be performed forward, backward or lateral. DEVELOPS: Powerful Sprint Strength Resistance INCLUDES: 1 Nylon Webbing Leash with Wide Handle (Optional) Waist Belt, Padded Belt, X-Harness, or Dual Use Harness
Rip & Zip-vendor-unknown-Speedster Athletics
Speedster Athletics Rip & Zip™ $35.00
Safe American Made Products at Factory Direct Pricing The Speedster Rip & Zip develops strong explosive starts. The trail runner gives the lead runner resistance then Rips the Velcro cord releasing the runner into a full explosive ZIP sprint. It is like being shot out of a cannon! Great for several drills in several sports and positions.  DEVELOPS: Strong Explosive Starts Quickness Overspeed Bursts Resistance Running INCLUDES: Rip and Zip Padded Belt Resistance Handle with Velcro Release
Team Speed Training Systems-vendor-unknown-Team System 10-Speedster Athletics
Speedster Athletics Team Speed Training Systems™ from $1,300.00
Run a faster 40-yard dash in 4 weeks! Guaranteed! The Speedster Team Speed Training System is a 3 phase program: Heavy Resistance - Develops first step explosive movement Light Resistance - Develops faster transition speed Overspeed Training - Develops faster leg turnover rate and longer stride   TEAM 10 SYSTEM - $1,300 10 - Dual-Use Padded Harnesses 10 - 6 Inch Mini Hurdles 5 - Jet Sleds with towlines 20 - Weight Bags (Each weight/sandbag holds approximately 20 pounds of sand.) 3 - 30ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 2 - 15ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 2 - Speed Training Programs 1 - Set of 40 Colored Dome Cones   TEAM 20 SYSTEM - $2,500  20 - Dual-Use Padded Harnesses 10 - 6 Inch Mini Hurdles 10 - Jet Sleds with towline 40 - Weight Bags 5 - 30ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 5 - 15ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 2 - Speed Training Programs 1 - Set of 40 Colored Dome Cones   TEAM 30 SYSTEM - $3,800 30 - Dual-Use Padded Harnesses 10 - 6 Inch Mini Hurdles 15 - Jet Sleds with towline 60 - Weight Bags 10 - 30ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 5 - 15ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 2 - Speed Training Programs 1 - Set of 40 Colored Dome Cones   TEAM 40 SYSTEM - $4,900 40 - Dual-Use Padded Harnesses 20 - 6 Inch Mini Hurdles 20 - Jet Sleds with towline 80 - Weight Bags 10 - 30ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 10 - 15ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 2 - Speed Training Programs 1 - Set of 40 Colored Dome Cones   TEAM 50 SYSTEM - $6,300 50 - Dual-Use Padded Harnesses 30 - 6 Inch Mini Hurdles 25 - Jet Sleds with towline 100 - Weight Bags 15 - 30ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 10 - 15ft Heavy Overspeed Cords 2 - Speed Training Programs 1 - Set of 40 Colored Dome Cones   *Some Products are Imported
Replace Rubber Band Loop Style Resistance Bands with comfortable padded cuffs  with resistance bungee connection for leg workouts, Agility Training, Fitness Training and so much more. Made in America
Speedster Athletics Lateral Stepper™ from $24.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick The Padded Ankle Cuffs are connected by a short 8” Latex Lightning Cord. When you step in a direction the cord stretches forcing the trail foot to follow. Using the Lateral Stepper helps strengthen the inner and outer thigh area. Used during football line blocking drills, QB drills, baseball hitting drills and any other type of agility training. The Lateral Stepper allows the player to keep a proper base, by allowing them to feel the resistance. It is great for lateral walks, shuffles, kicks, slides and Agility Ladder work.   DEVELOPS: Lateral Speed Agility Coordination Balance Quickness Proper Stance   INCLUDES: 2 Adjustable Padded Ankle Cuffs with Velcro Straps connected by an 8in. Lightning Cord Bungee. It doesn't matter if you are doing football training, soccer training, baseball training, softball training or Rugby Training, this product is going to give you results faster than any other on the market.    Available in 3 different resistance levels: Medium, Heavy, Ultra Heavy
Pro Agility Speed Trainer-vendor-unknown-Medium - Youth-Speedster Athletics
Speedster Athletics Pro Agility Speed Trainer™ from $90.00
Take your agility training to the next level The Pro Agility Speed Trainer is designed to enhance your jump, sprint, shuffle, and agility training. Resistance training allows you to develop specific muscle groups that are specific to your position. The included Anchor Belt can either be worn by a partner or used as an anchor with stationary objects for solo training. The Pro Agility Speed Trainer is perfect for fielding exercises in football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and more! INCLUDES: - Pro Agility Belt Adjust from a 28" waist to a 52" waist Padded so you can train harder and longer Moisture Resistant material resist sweat and body odor - Anchor Belt Designed to be worn or used as an anchor with stationary objects Large ring makes attaching bungee quick and easy - Speedster 8-ft Rocket Bungee Stretches up to 28ft! Covered with Safety Sleeve Technology that prolongs the life of the bungee and protects athletes if the bungee breaks during use Independently lab-tested and rated to last over 150,000 repetitions Available in 3 resistance levels: Youth/High School, Collegiate, Pro - 8 Field Marker Cones & Carry Bag   ADVANTAGES OVER THE SIMILAR PRODUCTS Resistance Band stretches 8ft further Pro Agility Belt is foam-padded with a closed-cell foam, covered in a moisture resistant fabric to keep sweat from absorbing into the padding for a better smelling product. Upgradeable Resistance Band MADE IN THE USA *Dome Cones are Imported
Speedster Power Break Away-vendor-unknown-Speedster Athletics
Speedster Athletics Speedster Power Break Away™ from $35.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick INCLUDES: 1 - 10ft Power Break Away Strap with Handle 1 - Basic Waist Belt, Padded Waist Belt, or Dual Use Harness The Power Break Away allows for longer resistive sprints before being released by your partner. The partner determines the amount of resistance provide and when the athlete will be released. The Power Break Away Tether is designed with a special quick release mechanism so when the partner pulls the ripcord the training athlete is released giving them the sensation of being shot out of a cannon. This Resistance Burst Speed Training (RBST) allows the athlete to increase their Action Transition Speed (ATS).Develops:- Faster Break Away Speed- Powerful Running Strides- Overspeed Launch
Speed and Agility resistance band bungee for athletic training, used by coaches, football athletic trainers and organizations to build speed and agility in athletes in football, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, track and field, and all other sports
Speedster Athletics Speedster Dual Man Overspeed Chaser™ from $75.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick INCLUDES: 1 - 15ft Rocket Bungee with Safety Sleeve Technology™ 2 - Waist Belts (Basic or Padded) Great for Team Sprint Workouts!Two players work together. The lead player sprints stretching the Lightning Cord™ creating resistance. As the lead player gets about 15 yards ahead, the trailing player goes from a slow jog to a full sprint toward the lead player. The stretched cord pulls the trailing player faster than their normal sprint speed. The Overspeed Training increases stride length and a faster rate of motion. The 15' Lightning Cord™ incorporates Safety Sleeve Technology and stretches up to 60'. Made in the USA.DEVELOPS:- Acceleration- Longer Stride Length- Fast Twitch Muscle Memory
Speedster Training System™
Speedster Athletics Speedster Training System™ from $250.00
RUN A FASTER 40 OR 60 YARD DASH! The SPEEDSTER® Training System™ is a 3 phase complete speed and quickness training program.  • Phase 1: HEAVY RESISTANCE• Phase 2: LIGHT RESISTANCE• Phase 3: OVERSPEED TRAININGHeavy Resistance Training develops explosive starts while Light Resistance Training increases an athlete’s acceleration speed. Overspeed Training develops overall top sprint speed by increasing the function of the fast-twitch muscle fiber. Overspeed training will develop a longer stride length as well as a faster leg turnover rate. The Speedster Training Program is color-coded for easy-to-follow drills. This package comes with a 30’ Lightning Cord for Overspeed training that stretches up to 40 yards. It pulls the runner faster than their natural sprint speed.INCLUDES: The SPEEDSTER™  Dual Use Training Harness Torpedo Jet Sled 4 Weight Resistance Sand Bags (Sand not Included) 30ft Rocket Bungee with Safety SLeeve Technology™ Anchor Strap Colored Dome Markers (Imported) 2- Red, 2- Blue, 2- Yellow and 2- White Instruction Manual 4 Week SPEEDSTER Training Program *Some Products are Imported
Speedster Power Drive Enforcer-vendor-unknown-Medium-Speedster Athletics
Speedster Athletics Speedster Power Drive Enforcer™ from $65.00
Safe American Made Products at Factory Direct Pricing Train specific running motions with the Power Drive Enforcer. Multiple ring positions on the ankle cuffs allow you to isolate and develop a variety of lower body muscles with resistance from the Lightning Cord. Different exercises can be done by either having a partner hold the anchor strap or attach the anchor strap to a stationary object and workout by yourself. Made in the USA. Develops:- Lower Body Muscles- High Knee Drive- Resistance Training
Speedster Power Rack System-vendor-unknown-Speedster Athletics
Speedster Athletics Speedster Power Rack System™ from $265.00
Safe American Made Products at Factory Direct Pricing The Power Rack System quickly attaches to any Power Rack allowing up to 5 athletes to train at the same time per rack. The Power Rack System has been carefully designed to target areas that are essential in training championship-level athletes. Every resistance band features Safety Sleeve Technology for superior protection against broken bands and has been independently tested to last over 150,000 reps. Made in the USA. Rack not included.INCLUDES: 1 - Chest Press (upper-body strength) 2 - Change of Direction (lateral agility) 1 - Sky Leaper (vertical jump) 1 - Power Leg Enforcer (leg strength) Includes Anchor Straps
Speedster Dual Use Padded Belt-vendor-unknown-Speedster Athletics
Speedster Athletics Speedster Dual Use Padded Belt™ $23.00
Safe American Made Products at Factory Direct Pricing FEATURES: 2 pro-grade anchor points Fits up to a 56-inch waist Padded for extra comfort while training  Proudly made in the USA DESCRIPTION  The Speedster Dual Use Belt is fully padded and designed to comfortably fit athletes of all sizes. It is adjustable on both sides. It can be used for a variety of drills from resistance, overspeed, lateral to jump training. The belts have two separate anchor points and can be adjusted to rotate a full 360 degrees around the torso. Bungees sold separately.